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Wishaw Juniors v Clydebank Sectional League Cup Quarter Final27/08/201

Wishaw Secretary

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We are looking forward to welcoming the the mighty Bankies on their first visit to the Beltane for the Sectional League Cup quarter final on Wednesday.

If you are planning to come to the match by car, you can get to Wishaw via either the M74 or M8 these are both very busy during the rush hour so give yourself plenty of time. Coming from Motherwell go past Fir Park keep going until you see the Kentucky Fried Chicken on your right. The Beltane is located a few hundred yards further on just off 'The Heathery' roundabout and immediately across the road from Wishaw General Hospital. The postcode for Sat Nav users is ML2 0HL.

There is masses of on-street car parking in the immediate vicinity of the ground.

It is also possible to get a train direct to and from Wishaw from Clydebank - it takes just over an hour. Wishaw Central station is about 300 yards from the Beltane - exit the train, cross the bridge, look down to your right and the Beltane is in amongst the trees just along from the Sports Centre and right beside the Bowling Club.

If you have plenty time and want to go for a wee refreshment first, Girwoods Bar beside the station or the Commercial Hotel at the bottom of the main Street are both within 5 mins walking distance of the ground.

The Beltane has a snack bar, ladies and gents toilets and cover for about 50 fans.

We only have one pay entrance so there may be a bit of a queue if the match is well attended - so please be patient and give yourself plenty time.

It would be really helpfull if you could try to have the correct money ie Adults £5.00 Concessions and Children £2.50.

We will be doing a Half time draw and our usual 20 page match programme (it is a limited print run so first come first served - if you want to pre-order one, e-mail us at wishawjuniors@hotmail.com and we will reserve one for you.

Finally on a very very personal note - where are you my old friend Derek Kelly - sunning yourself in your Spanish hideaway when you should be supporting your beloved Bankies against the Wishae - part time supporter!!!!!!!!!! - 40 odd years I have had to listen to Bankie tales - I'll never let you live this one down Deeky boy!!!!!!.

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Can still remember last time we played Wishaw - a league match at Glenhead Park, back when Bankies were on their way to winning the league. A Wishaw player responded to some verbal by supporters by lifting a side of his shorts up exposing his arse to the crowd (thankfully a time before I filmed games!). Wishaw took lead twice but we ended up winning 4-2.

I hope to make this game but there's no supporters bus going, which will affect numbers making the match. Should be a decent match as Wishaw have had a superb start to their season, with 4 wins out of 4.

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Is this the 1st time Wishaw have qualified from the group? Players and managment deserve a lot of credit. Really hope the club keep progressing. Seem to be getting bigger crowds every week.

As larky says be great to see another junior giant at Beltane. I pray for another shock.

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I commented on another threat but great to see this cup still generates a bit of interest and excitement. Unlike our friends in ayrshire we get on with it and enjoy this cup for what it is.

Good to see a few different teams reach the knockout stages, can only help the competition. Well played guys.

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Directions to the two nearest pubs are on the original post.

Both pubs are within 5 mins walk from the ground at the most even for an auld yin.

If you are coming to the ground first to park then I would suggest going to the Commercial Hotel.

If you are coming by train then Girdwoods is only a few yards from the Station.

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Fancy a wishaw upset here! Been going great last year or so

You could be right olly.After all,Wishaw go into this game with the confidence gained from their recent winning run where they've taken the scalps of two Super premier teams,and with the advantage of a home tie and the backing of a large,vocal support.So maybe a victory for 'the underdogs' wouldn't be too much of an upset.

Whatever the result,this looks like the tie of the round,so get to the Beltane early and be patient with the auld guy on the gate. :P

Now where's Nocko wi' the odds for this game? 8)

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