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Whitletts 3 Lugar 1


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Quality coverage of the Whitletts goals lol. But aye Martin Lawrie is scum of the Earth, sure there was something on here last year about him radially abusing a player as well... D**k

Sorry about the missed goals.

For Whitletts second I was distracted as I was having a discussion with our club chairman.

A cross from the left was met by Wilson. Menzies pushed his header onto the bar but it dropped nicely for O’Connor who headed it over Menzies into the net.

For Whitletts third I was in the process of changing over a memory card as the first one was full.

O'Conner fired in a cross from the right and a Muir attempt at a clearance only deceived his own keeper and it resulted in an OG.

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DISGUSTING Martin Lawrie a whitletts scumbag

Why a whitletts scumbag?

Why not just a scumbag!!!!

For all you know his next club could be yours, probably not but still could be then you'd have egg on your face

And just because it's been filmed doesn't mean you have a squeaky clean team does it ?

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Having just viewed this incident I can say that I hope Whitletts release Martin Lawrie immediately. No matter how good a player he is that is absolutely horrific what he done yesterday and I hope the club and SJFA act accordingly.

Martin Lawrie should hang his head in shame.

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