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Arise, Sir Danny..


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and Sir Vince of Cable.

It seems that two of the most high profile Busted Flush casualties from the election have been offered Knighthoods. They were apparenty offered peerages but knocked them back.

Better The gither.



danny.jpg When Danny gave his alternative budget only 10 Liberal Democrats turned up to listen.
Still, they'd be glad of that now.
According to the Daily Mail, Vince Cable and Danny Alexander were both offered and turned down ennoblement, but have instead accepted knighthoods in the dissolution honours list.

Why offer them anything, I hear you ask.

Quite apart from the outdated idea that people should be given honours that change their names, what exactly did either of them do to deserve this "honour" (if honour it really is)?

And why should people so roundly rejected by the voters in their constituencies be so rewarded? After all, what really happened was that their employers sacked them and chose other people to do their jobs. They were handsomely paid while they had the jobs and they were given redundancy packages by us. Why are we giving them silly titles which move them into the bottom section of the upper classes?

Why is there a dissolution honours list? Is it not enough that there is one at new year and one on the birthday of the queen?
It is expected too that this honours list will include the creation of 50 more peers of the realm, as if the number we had wasn't already ridiculous. Mr Cameron apparently needs more obedient people in the upper house to help him win the debates on Europe.

That's nice. In a so-called democracy, where you received only 37% of the votes cast, but still have a majority in the lower house due to a ridiculously inadequate system, you can give yourself a majority in the upper house, at our expense, just by making up a list.

And these people don't just get to change their name. They get to sit in parliament and make laws, collect £300 a day tax free and expenses to boot. Additionally they can avail themselves of the subsidised restaurants and bars of the Palace of Westminster.
Among these new peers there is expected to be a place for multi-millionaire donor, the investment banker James Lupton and our own fake tan and bra manufacturer Michelle Mone.
Philippa Stroud, a former aide to the grim reaper, Iain Duncan Smith (and therefore guaranteed to be a real charmer); Simone Finn, an efficiency advisor (no honest, I'm not kidding) to jolly old Francis Maude (is he STILL around?); Stuart Polak, a lobbyist and director of the Conservative Friends of Israel (you might know); and Cameron's chief of staff, Kate Fall, are also expected to be given seats in the Lords, for no other reason than presumably he can trust them to vote as they are told.
Unbelievably the Liberal Democrats are due for some more seats in the Lords... Ming the Almighty and Alan Beith, whom I've never heard of (both probably for longevity) are reckoned to be among 10 more Liberal Democrat peers to be created to add to their 102 current members. Not bad when the voters only reckoned they were worth 8 MPs!
Honestly the British democracy becomes more incredible by the day.
The House of Lords currently comprises:
227 Conservatives,
213 Labour,
102 Lib Dems,
26 Church of England bishops
38 other parties or non-affiliated
180 Cross benchers.
786 Total.
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I have never had a problem with Vince Cable tbh and whilst I think knighthoods are a load of bollocks, I am glad he is getting some form of recognistion for his work over the years.

The HoL should be scrapped though. I think a second chamber is necessery (I hate to admit that) but a chamber with elected individuals instead of peers like Karen Brady and arseholes such as Alan Sugar don't speak for me. Danny Alexander is irrelevant. He has no place in politics and decision making IMO.

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My impression of Danny Alexander in May, both from meeting him and a few TV appearances at the time, was that he knew his fate and was remarkably (almost amusingly) unbothered by the whole thing. I'm guessing he knew back then that he would be looked after.

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