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  1. 'I'm so excited that I've come on here to make excuses in advance' I'm not excited either tbf - absolutely shitting myself Pretty sure I'll be getting absolutely paralytic either way
  2. The key on the first one is admittedly not the clearest to read but neither image has anything to do with elected representatives. Mind you, it's still extremely obvious that it isn't an election result map.
  3. Slightly off topic but somewhat related. Does anyone have recommendations for good driving instructors in Edinburgh (Leith)? I idiotically never bothered when I was younger and now want to get it sorted. Most folk I know learned 10+ years ago so I’m hoping P&B might have some recommendations based on more recent experience. Ta.
  4. I’d be surprised if I don’t win the lottery next week and wake up tomorrow with a 10 inch banger.
  5. It was the age range mentioned in YouGov’s tweet on the last page that thicko boomers were objecting to. Obviously a bad time for everyone but the youngsters who aren’t miserable nihilists obviously aren’t really thinking it through.
  6. Any 18-24 year old who isn’t depressed at the moment is an idiot.
  7. I don’t think we have the depth for a third place finish. Aberdeen ran all over our midfield without Gogic and a mostly second string team didn’t look convincing against Brora Rangers. There are about eight first teamers who could f**k our season with a significant injury. I’ve barely paid any attention to those currently below us in the table. Motherwell should have beaten us at ER, they can push us for fourth in my prediction. After that, dey ken.
  8. I can't bring myself to get any joy out of that. We have no chance.
  9. Tbf, I get a sense of anger with these restrictions that I haven’t seen from people up to now. ‘Lost the dressing room’ is typically hyperbolic but I’m interested to see if Sturgeon’s approval ratings and the SNP’s Holyrood polling are impacted at all. An unusual coalition of hardcore Unionists and Yes Da’s have been getting excited about Salmond’s case taking down Sturgeon for ages now. It’s not going to happen.
  10. If there's room for another one, I'll have some of that. This time she's really done for, you guys.
  11. I know my anecdotal evidence is as meaningless as anyone else’s but I know that many people who talk about switching from No to Yes, it’s hard to believe someone saying they haven’t met anyone in this camp. You claim to have an issue with “circlejerks” as well. Try talking about current affairs to someone outside the Lodge and then let us know what they have to say.
  12. I’m talking DAP, DAP, DAP, That’s some dry ass patter.
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