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Celtic v Hearts - Sun 29th Jan

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This. Unfortunately I don't think he'll be starting. Dembele could do with a couple of games on the bench.

A wee rotation to freshen things up. There was large spells of the game on Wednesday were Dembele just looked missing.

But you're right. I can see BR starting with the usual lineup.
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11 hours ago, Flybhoy said:

Just to put you old ones like me in the mood and to inform the youngsters what it were like back in' day, here is a typical Celtic v Hearts game from the 80's, a Scottish Cup quarter final from March 1989

Several red cards...3 in this one..tick

Alex McDonald being a torn faced wee p***k.. tick

Mark McGhee goal...tick

Henry Smith dropping a minimum of one cross ball ...tick

Dave McPherson sporting an horrific mullet/perm combo... tick

Mick McCarthy planting one on Tosh McKinlays jaw...tick

Celtic eventually winning...tick 8)

The on field mellee just after the Celtic penalty would have had umpteen SFA charges brought about and several bans dished out, possibly even some daft statement from the SNP faux offended brigade. 

Check out the away support too, at least 3 or 4 thousand, mighty impressive.



Big Dave really was shite

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No Paterson, Rherras, Djoum, Nowak or Struna. Goncalves, Tziolis and mystery CH not signed yet. Nicholson probably not fit to start.

I'd probably settle for a 1-0 win tbqhwy.

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