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Has anyone travelled to Gambia?


I'm looking at a holiday for me and the wife over new year.

Prices are reasonable. Comparable to going to the likes of Lanzarote.


The area we are looking at is Kololi.


The options we have is all inclusive or bed and breakfast.

We're not big drinkers and the reviews in most of the hotels is that food is basic


So was just wondering if anyone knows what the food is like in nearby restaurants, and is it expensive to eat out?


Just need an idea to determine if we pick the all inclusive or B&B options


Also any other info appreciated

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Went a couple of years ago. Lots of restaurants, not expensive in the slightest. You'll be really central to Sennegambia where all the tourist bars and restaurants are as well as the tour guide places if you wish to do any day trips. One of the most friendly countries I've visited. Definitely worth a visit.

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Never been but thought it was somewhere that middle aged and elderly women went for cock. Mate of mine went and said travelling upriver was fun. Talked to a guy in a bar whose name was Elvis, his mate was Bono.

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