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Petition for 'We demand a better Airdrieonians'

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I am asking if all true Football fans could take a moment to sign this petition to help a club being dragged to the dirt by it's current owners return to better days.

Why should you sign it, basically we have a club who's fans have achieved small miracles over the last few years building up projects which benefit the whole local community, meanwhile the owners of the club seem determined to run the club into the ground whilst alienating their own clubs fans and blocking an attempt from good Airdrie minded businessmen who are trying to get the club back to better days.

The supporters in recent years have been involved in providing thousands of items of football kit to a Charity who sends them to underprivileged people around the world, they have provided around 2000 Free under 16s season tickets to local children, they helped fund and build the first Sensory Room in Scottish Football for children & adults with sensory processing disorders to be able to attend football matches in an environment they felt safe and secure in, they funded and built a shelter for wheelchair users to be able to enjoy matches even in the worst of Scottish weather, they run a children's football group called the Airdrie Aces where for only £10 they get free football training before every home game,transport & entry to selected away matches, numerous free parties and events throughout the season, meet and play with the players and much more. They have also been working with numerous local and national charities such as St. Andrews Hospice, Maggies Centre, Local Xmas toy appeal and foodbank, Poppy Scotland and Save the Children. They have started a Community Football programme providing Walking Football to all ages and football classes to pre-school children as well as 5-16 year olds. They have also introduced a large selection of club merchandise which the club have been unable to do so for a number of years and have generally improved the overall match day experience for fellow fans. 

Meanwhile over the same period the club has been mismanaged, and led into murky waters where no information has been forthcoming on the clubs financial position, who the people are who are trying to take control of it and a general feeling of contempt shown to the fans by those running it.

Please help us get the numbers as high as we can on this petition to help the right people get control of our club.

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3 hours ago, garyhay said:

Also remember he promised & tried and tested experienced manager at same meeting & denied he asked the Trust for £10k but heh ho. Hopefully him & his sister will be gone by end January.

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By and large, petitions are pointless.

Not saying the petition was the sole reason but it must have helped.

A member of the consortium received a telephone call this morning from Mr Colin McGowan seeking to find a pragmatic solution that is in the best interest for Airdrieonians Football Club. 
Based on these discussions, we hope to confirm in the next week that the consortium will have preferred bidder status and will commence due diligence.  
We have thanked Mr McGowan for his proactive attempts at finding a resolution and look forward to consolidating matters over the coming weeks with a view to concluding in January 2018.

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