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Week 15

Zen Archer (Raconteur)

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6 hours ago, Brummie Clyde said:

How come there are Saturday games this week?

Back in early 60s the NFL wete charged under antitrust laws as they tried to sell their TV rights to CBS as 1 organisation with equal share rights.  The 1961 Broadcasting Act was what came out of this.  The NFL won their case on Antitrust - their TV deal negotations are exempt from said laws but in the Act, in order to protect the College and High School fans the NFL were banned from playing on either a Friday or Saturday during the College season.

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I told myself that I was happy to lose today. Better draft pick and makes it harder for the Packers to get to the playoffs.

But still really annoyed by the poor performance. Never looked like troubling the one-dimensional Lions.

Chiefs Chargers looks like a great game, tempted to stay up.

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