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Restricting Access To iPad Apps


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Our wee one is 5 and has taken an interest in our iPad over the past few months. We've downloaded a few apps and games for learning numbers and words and, considering how poor her school experience has been since August, we are keen for her to use these (within reason, of course - we're not just going to plonk her down and leave her for hours!).

Ideally though, we want her to have access to only a certain few apps rather than all the apps on the iPad. I'm thinking two possible ways this could be achieved:

1) A different 'user profile' that we can switch to on the iPad that will effectively give her access just to the apps that we select for her, rather than all of them;

2) Password protecting apps that we don't want her to access.

The first way is the most ideal but I'm finding conflicting info online over whether this can be done.

Anyone had any experience with this, any advice?

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