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  1. Be interesting to see when this was set, iirc the TVA didnt exist anymore at the end of Loki season 2
  2. Its not the system though, can you say one instance where the VAR tech failed and it wasn't operator fault Even if theres one or a couple, thats amongst thousands of games with VAR in use
  3. Its not just about people "growing up" hearts for example were denied a stonewall absolute 100% penalty at 0-0 at home in a game they eventually dropped two points in because the ref it would seem never had the correct view of the foul If the VAR operator had done his job the ref would see the mistake and award the penalty, but because the VAR guy never, it makes VAR look shite Would fans prefer 2 officials behind the goals and 4 linesmen to try catch things refs missed?
  4. Thats not the question though, the question is about VAR, clubs and fans moaned for decades that refs needed help in getting correct decisions, this is the best we're gonna get unless we spend more money Do we bin it and go back to the days were refs were unquestionable, take our penalties yesterday (btw im only using our games because i watch them, i know other teams have had awful decisions as well) the ref had excellent views of both incidents and decided none were penalties until VAR got involved, especially the first one what part of VAR the did ref see and think "aye I'll change my mind" when they were pretty stonewall in real time It is shite at games where time is taken for decisions, it is shite for the ticket paying fans, but unless someone comes up with another way to get more decisions correct during games then it's probably the best we'll get
  5. Still doesn't help if a ref doesn't have the best angle of an incident or someone blocks their view at the precise moment something happens VAR is a good thing, its the ones operating it that arent that good, and also the refs reliant on it, Take the hearts vs county game at Tynecastle, hearts boy goes down in box, ref thinks its a dive from his angle, VAR involved and the VAR operator good at his job would correctly tell the ref "have another look at this as he is definitely caught" Absolutely nothing wrong with the VAR system that day, just the guy using it
  6. Tbh only thing i like about the prequel trilogy is that it gave birth to the clone wars animated stuff, all 3 were forgettable Rogue one and solo defo, enjoyed both them Sequels id need to watch again
  7. So mistiming a block when stretching your leg out makes you turn your back and throw both arms up in the air?
  8. Surely at best its 4th after the original 3, even if jedi wasn't that good its nowhere near as good as the first two
  9. We had an accidental handball given against us only last month
  10. You do know that handball isnt just based on accidental or on purpose
  11. Surely if it gets to the stage where he is the only member left touring he'll even call it a day, this one is without Cliff and Phil and obviously Malcolm, if Brian chucks it then is there a point lol
  12. Dunno if there's any early access, according to the bands twitter the sale is friday, given the size of the arenas chosen surely theres a more than decent chance of getting them if they try first thing What other venues other than Wembley you thinking? I was thinking of amsterdam today but getting time off work isnt happening so back to Dublin lol Theres a number of german dates, some are during the euros so travelling to them might be expensive, same with the paris one which is apparently during the Olympics lol
  13. Cheers man, i missed the Hampden gig due to a holiday, wanting this one to say "ive seen them" along with a few others, spoke to the missus last night we're gonna try make a 3 or 4 nights of it in dublin as ive changed jobs this year and she's in the process of trying to as well so getting a proper holiday is probably off the cards this year. Can imagine when you saw them it was tremendous
  14. AC/DC likely on their last tour given their ages, barely any UK dates 2 wembley ones and that's it is pretty shit Gonna try for the Dublin one in august
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