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  1. Stunning. Well done to the designers this year. Two absolute toppers. Hoping title winning shirts.
  2. Two absolute belters from us this year IMO
  3. I think that's the ethical debate. For me if I lost my wife and daughters I wouldn't be far behind them in all honesty. Hopefully she has good extended family around her.
  4. Just read that the family of 4 who were killed in a car crash on Sunday had a daughter aged 11 who wasn't with them. That's pretty heartbreaking.
  5. Take a step away from here buddy, it doesn't seem to be doing you any good. There are 3 full-time sides in this division btw.
  6. You're giving him too much credit. They're as bad as each other.
  7. Aye there was definitely EK fans next to me now I think of it. I just assumed the seating was all EK.
  8. I don't mind standing either providing it's a decent view. Sadly there isn't much elevation behind the goal at EK. It's not the best. I didn't realise it wasn't segregated last time tbh. The queue was massive and some guy ended up opening a gate at the back and herding us all to behind the goal.
  9. It's shite. I doubt EK will fill their section so there's no reason why we couldn't be given some seats. I won't hold my breath though and expect I'll be standing on Tuesday.
  10. I don't bet money I can't afford to lose. I think I'll survive.
  11. Have you had your eyes shut this preseason? Do you genuinely think that's a strong ICT side? There was absolutely nothing wrong with what Arbroath fans have been saying in their thread. The most bizarre post in there was (as usual) from yourself.
  12. You scraped past ICT youths and a 10 man Arbroath side playing without any strikers. I'd maybe save the cockiness until you've played a few league games.
  13. Aberdeen to win and us to blow our chances by losing to that mob. Stick on.
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