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World Cup 2018 kits


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Getting around the time to start this.

Though, I don't think Germany's effort will be beat for best looking kit of the tournament. Modern take on the 1990 classic.

The group of neds in a multi storey car park theme for the marketing images is a strange one though.


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Not a fan of Nigeria either. Colours looked washed out and reminds me a bit of...

Also, once the SFA see Abuja they'll have Glasgow slapped on the Scotland badge. It may not be the country's Capital but it's the centre of the universe to them.

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7 hours ago, Salvo Montalbano said:

That Peru one is lovely. I'm not as keen on the Germany one as some others are. It's nice, but without the black, gold and red it's just a poor imitation of the classic 1990 jersey. Are teams still doing that stupid same colour shorts as tops rubbish?

Adidas are bringing out a direct remake of the 1990 shirt in spring. http://www.footyheadlines.com/2017/12/adidas-originals-germany-2018-retro-jersey.html

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33 minutes ago, Christophe said:

Puma mass release 10 new white away kits for various teams at this years WC. Blando! 


ooooft - they've really missed a trick there - if they all had a knocked-back design like the Senegal one (bottom right), they could have been really smart - as it is, blando is spot on...

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