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I hear Shettleston Juniors and Glasgow East Boys' Club have finalised

an arrangement to run an Under-21 under the banner of the junior

club during season 2018-2019.

The current East 1999s squad are in their last season together, and

the partnership will take them to another level.

For those who know Shettleston Juniors, have they had an Under-21

team nursery before?

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I think  Tower Hearts used to be  the feeder club for them .....I think there is about 3 or 4 players in First Team just now

Tough gig running u21s teams I think 3 teams (West Park,Ashfield & Whitlett Vic) have already went pop this  year in West of Scotland prem league and another 4 in the 2 leagues below

The hard bit with starting to join WOS U21S from  moving up from  19s  is you start at bottom league and even if you win the leagues your in by the time you get into the premier league you might lose your spine  of team as they are over age .....







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I'm not sure that there was anything official between Tower Hearts and Shettleston. In recent years several of Tower's top players when over age have gone elsewhere. Dale Simeon, Sandro Savarese, Connor Brannigan and Ryan Kerr are four who spring to mind, mainstays of Tower's league and cup winning teams before following coach George Fotheringham to Cambuslang Rangers. Savarese, Brannigan and Kerr have since followed Fotheringham to Glencairn, with Brannigan now at Bellshill.

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