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Stan Vs Evil

King Kebab

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Probably not to everybody's taste but it may help [mention=433]54_and_counting[/mention] and[mention=423]Satans_husband[/mention] and the rest of the boys who enjoyed it, partially get over their grief after Ash vs Evil Dead got cancelled, as it partially is helping me!!!

It's another little 20 minute gem on FOX on Thursday nights at 23:30, just before Brockmire!!!

It's basically a cross between Ash and Buffy, incredibly stupid antihero Stan (Ash) lives on top of a Hellmouth (Buffy) for witches and demons, he is the retired Sheriff of the town but has been the only one in the history of the place who has never been killed whilst in office as it turns out his recently deceased wife was a Slayer type, who basically protected him from this curse and obviously the whole town in the process, now that she's not there the evil types are all trying to break through in order to destroy and takeover and at the same time kill Stan as he is still unfinished business to them!!!

Finding out about his late wife's nocturnal occupation and having to defend himself from these threats has just been an intrusion on Stan's life as he basically can't be arsed with it even though the new sheriff is forcing him to as the curse involves her now and she is continually being attacked and forcing Stan to help out!!!

Stan is played by John C. McGinley, who was Perry Cox in Scrubs, and he is brilliant in this!!!

Not a patch on Ash, but well worth 20 minutes of your time, use your catchup facility, it what it's there for!!!

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Defo give this a bash, john c mcginley is class 

Let me know what you think, is it good or am I just pining for anything resembling Ash in my life???[emoji848]
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And honestly watch Brockmire that's on after it, it's got it's own Thread now but people need to know about it, I think it's excellent!!!
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