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Shortlees Ams Scottish Cup

das scooter boy

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I hope the legend is wrong I really do but think he has a point, thy gap between the two sides is massive. It's a one off game and stranger things have happened although I think it could all over by half time .

That being said this thread is about today's result and what a great result it is and tbh shows the farce that the " pyramid" system is. Well done Shortlees, done ayrshire and the Amateur world proud

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54 minutes ago, Darvel legend said:

Will be as many as Bonnyrigg want it to be 

Oh my, if they beat us it is only what is expected. So it won’t be a shock to anyone, we like being the underdogs, and wouldn’t have it any other way. But on a different note, I think with our new players and the way we are playing, I would be confident we would best Darvel Juniors right now,  what do you think Darvel legend. 

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