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Rangers vs Dundee 27th Feb

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I don't see Dundee being as generous as Accies were today and the only change I'd make to swap Morelos in for Defoe - though I'd not be surprised if the manager goes for Borna at left back.

Kamara has been excellent in the three games he's started for us.  It'll be interesting to see how he does against his former club.  I'd go for:

Kent Morelos Candeias
Jack Arfield Kamara
Halliday Worrall Goldson Tavernier

Home win.

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Well this is the price we have to pay for getting to laugh at Accies today. Foolish to expect anything but not foolish to hope for something. If we can get a Kusunga-shaped problem out of the way, you never know what could happen.

I predict the works, a 7-4 scorefest win for Sevco, 5 of their goals being penalties. The General scores 2 goals for us, and 2 against us.

Almost certain that Kamara will stick one in just to emphasise how fucked we were on that trade.

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I'm nervous before kick off.  I expect an even performance with our midfield playing as flat as can be expected and some clownshoe defending from Goldson and Worrall for a late Kenny Miller winner.  Kamara to be subbed after 5 minutes for being a footballing fraud and Martin Woods to receive the MotM award from the Ibrox sponsors.

An annoying and frustrating 0-1. 

The Dees to celebrate like they've won the Champions League and to run around the board laughing at The Accies as they are sworded eleventy nil at The Ewe Camp.

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