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Cobra Kai


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Anyone watch this? The YouTube premium show with the original karate kid cast as adults. Season two not long been released.


Season one was a huge surprise in that it was bloody amazing! I'm sure it ended up 100% fresh on rotten tomatoes.


It was a great take on the karate kid story and the performances from the cast were amazing, especially William Zabka who plays Johnny Lawrence. It strikes just the right balance between nostalgia, humour, emotion and is brilliantly written.


I binge watched season 2 in a couple of days and although season 1 was better it was still excellent viewing.


For anyone who loves the karate kid movies and hasn't seen it but doesn't want to pay for youtube premium you get a month's free trial when you sign up for it which is plenty time to watch it before cancelling [emoji41]

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gave this a watch almost purely on seeing it mentioned here - was never a huge fan of the karate kid movies as a kid (can kinda vaguely remember bits and bobs) but im extremely glad i did.

Extremely solid show all round. I'm on the penultimate episode of season 1.


if robby ends up snaking his way in with daniel larusso's daughter i'm going to go fucking apeshit.


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