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Digital Covenant

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I have read a bit about the potential for a digital voting system in Scotland.

The concept is that everyone will get a digital citizenship.

Along with other rights and entitlements, digital citizenship will entitle the individual to vote. When citizens vote digitally; their votes will form part of a Blockchain.

This chain (not the individual votes) would be transparent and verifiable.  It would be available to all interested parties from the press to the EU and UN.

Why not have an independence vote blockchain. Blockchain covenant?

In the 1950's, millions of Scots signed the new national covenant. It was delivered to Westminster....who quietly binned it.

Blockchain covenant could conceivably run indefinitely, slowly gathering digital votes. If the idea took hold, it is  conceivable that the 50 percent voter population pro independence threshold would be met at some point in the near future.

Conclusive proof of the democratic will of the people.

Also....and importantly.......it would be totally outwith the hands of UKgov. 

Ito could never be shelved or binned.  

...."now would be the time........":thumsup2

It seems an interesting idea.


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The guy that came up with/started fronting this idea a year or so ago is an absolute moon unit and he went on a crusade blocking me from every yes group going that he could for me pointing out how much of a puddle drinker he was. 

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16 hours ago, git-intae-thum said:

This chain (not the individual votes) would be transparent and verifiable. 

If the individual votes aren't transparent and verifiable how could the chain be?  

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