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Junior Legends 7-a-Side


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Apologies in advance to the people that will mention a previous thread on this topic but I honestly can’t find it so.... as every gaffer says after a loss, we go again.

Our first Legends 7-A-Side event takes place three weeks tomorrow, Saturday June 15th, at New Western Park kicking off around 12pm.

There are sixteen confirmed squads in the event, each one made up of ten players and they will be separated into four groups of four playing a round robin event of games 15 minute duration with no change over but rolling subs.

This year’s event, our first of many we hope, is in aid of Nil by Mouth and on the day the teams will contest the McBookie.com Shield, who I am delighted to have on board.

Awards on the day will also be made to five gentlemen no longer with us, three carried over from our previous eleven a-side-event. Those alongside other awards have been kindly sponsored by The Arthurlie Inn’s in Barrhead.

Entry on the day will be £4 for adults, £2 OAP’s with children and unemployed going for free.

We will also be producing a programme for the day which I can promise the likes of which has never been attempted in any grade of football ever to my knowledge.

The teams competing are all ex-players or in some case guests but are all over the age of 35 who are each paying £5 to be part of this event, so given our entrance costs and the chance to see so many old favourites it must be the bargain of all time.

Squads taking part are as follows, Renfrew, Pollok, Glenafton Athletic, Largs Thistle, Kilbirnie Ladeside, Johnstone Burgh, Clydebank, Paisley, West Select, Arthurlie, Port Glasgow, Beith, Neilston, St Anthony’s, Kilsyth Rangers, and Benburb.

We have also secured, much to my delight, help from Glasgow College who will send three physio students along on the day free of charge. Touching old men’s groins and feet will be the seller if they want to progress in their chosen subject and I would like to tank Julie for her help with arranging this, well for arranging this.

Lots more to be announced later but before I finish I have to give my deepest and most sincere thanks to Gordon, George, Graeme, Stevie, Andy, and Jimmy for their help to date in making this happen.

Please come along if possible, bring your wives, your husbands, your sons and daughters, your neighbours, your dugs… no cats allowed. The bar and food sections at New Western Park will be open as long as we require.




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35 minutes ago, Nugent4nil said:


Squads taking part are as follows, Renfrew, Glenafton Athletic, Beith, Largs Thistle, Kilbirnie Ladeside, Clydebank, Paisley, West Select, Arthurlie, Port Glasgow, Beith, Neilston, St Anthony’s, Kilsyth Rangers, and Benburb.



Beith taking it seriously with two teams

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Regards the squads on the day, I will edit here as things unaccountably change going forward and add squads when confirmed,


Iain Wilson

Jimmy Quigley

Neil Farquarson

John McLay

Ian Nicholson

Chrissy Cameron

Davie Gordon

Wullie Stewart

Gordy Smith

Ji Sherry



Kris Robertson

Lee Martin

Dave Williams

Mark McLaughlin

Andy McFarlane

Lee Sharp

Roland Fabiani

Charlie Hobbs

Martin McGarvey

Steven Convery





Port Glasgow

Gary Stewart

Allan McIntyre

Paul Temporal

Andy Monaghan

Andy Hannah

Ross Walker

Dougie Brown

Paul Coyle

Sean Graham

George Wall

Craig Ferguson


West Select



St Anthony’s



Kilsyth Rangers







Brian Hewitt

Andy Whiteford

Derek Carson

Stephen Keys

Chris Cameron

Thomas Murdoch

Chris McKee

George O’Malley

Gordon Cochrane

Gary Sturrock


Largs Thistle

Stephen Connick

Andy Elliot

Liam McVey

Tam Jaimeson

Gordon Lappin

Phil Cannie

Stevie Kyle

Graham Black

Stephen Quigg

Stuart Davidson



Andy Smith

Simon Weir

Sanjeev Kohli

Mark Hailstones

Alan Gow

Martin Glancy

Lex Grant

Tom Brogan





Glenafton Athletic



Johnstone Burgh

Fraser Wilson

Chris Wozencroft

Kevin Stanley

Alan ‘Trigger’ Thomson

Stuart Livingston

Ross Perrie

David Brolly

Colin Smith

Paddy Flannery

Gordon Parks



Keith Ross

Chris Kerr

Craig Brittian

Derek McCulloch

Neil Shearer

Gary Wilson

John Craig

Kevin Deeney

Robbie Cameron

Martin Stewart


Kilbirnie Ladeside







F Murray

K Murray

P Ferris

M Ferris

B Miller




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On 5/24/2019 at 20:40, Inanimate Carbon Rod said:

Who are the clydebank squad, have asked on Bankies page and no one seems to know.

Squad from below - some are still to confirm 


Andy Smith
Simon Weir
Sanjeev Kohli
Mark Hailstones
Alan Gow
Martin Glancy
Lex Grant
Tom Brogan
Scott Morrison
Graeme Skinner
Alan Jack
John Jack
James McKinstry
Stuart Allison
Budgie McGhie
Brian Wright
Davie Lloyd
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1 hour ago, Wile E Coyote said:

Have Clydebank roped Sanjeev Kohli in so that if there are any tasty players on the other side he can reprise his role as Navid the hard man footballer in Still Game and come on and break somebody in two.

Have you seen our tactics board?

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Beith Final Squad - post injury call offs

Keith Ross

Chris Kerr

Neil Shearer

Barry McCorriston

Derek McCulloch

Gary Graham

Jim Caldwell

Martin Stewart

Kevin Deeney

Robbie Cameron

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