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  1. Tbf I saw your post at the time followed by the others and it was genuinely light hearted. I wouldn't worry about it at all, your timing was fucking shocking though!
  2. That would have been epic if after the video, Ed Davey showed up on the back of one with a big, daft smile on his face while the other sheep follow him around like the pied piper
  3. All McVities Jaffa Cakes are a fraud. Aldi or Asda own brand smash them out the park all day long
  4. He literally got punted to midfield because he was so shite. We manged fine without him at RB until Tierney got injured. We have plenty of midfielders to play in front of him so stop with the tired excuses. He shouldn't be playing, simple as that
  5. Exactly, but the happy clappers are jumping with joy over a draw. Our loser mentality will always come back to bite us, every fucking time
  6. He has a loser mentality, the game was there for the taking and he shat it
  7. A win for Stevie Clarke. The daft c**t will be wanking himself to sleep after that
  8. A midfielder and play 4 at the back. Like we resorted to doing in the 2nd half of the half
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