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New season

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Expect this season will be closer than last. Expect Threave, Bonnyton to be up the top end of the table while Lochar look like they’ve made some good signings.

Although Stranraer have lost 3 players to the first team still expect them to be very competitive, if rumours on other threads are true signing an out and out striker in Robert Middleton and experience in Jenkins and Lowe will help.

I think Vale could kick on if they keep a hold of Goss up front, although there was rumours earlier in post season that he was off to Annan first team

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Threave and Bonnyton to run away with it, with Threave just edging it for me. Reserves will struggle this year which isn't a surprise having lost their prolific front three. Unsure what to think of Edusport.
Edusport not in South
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What needs to happen is more promotion of the league and less down play on a team/ people because of personal vendettas. 


The EoSFL have done a terrific job due to the integration with the junior teams.  The SoSFL could learn many a lesson in its long term aims of being a SoSFL or WoSFL....

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18 hours ago, teamplayer said:

Edu 20s are in the south

Think it’ll be a mixture of their U23s , occasional LL and promoted younger players as the 20s are surely in the Development League I’d assume !

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Bonnyton to win the league comfortably, especially if they hold on to the boy Stevenson. He should be playing at a higher level

have to disagree, anytime ive seen stevenson play feel hes too lightweight and pushed about to easy, good player but needs to spend more time in the gym.
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