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War with Iran


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Whether there is or there isn't... war

what really gets me is the craven way in which the British government, and also the BBC refuse to say anything

which might offend the US.

For example, in the last week or so,  I've seen the BBC website describe US behaviour as ....

".... unilateral withdrawal..... "   ( from the nuclear treaty ). 

and also "...... abandoned ..... " the deal    ( like it was some kind of sinking ship )

when, quite simply,  the proper description is      reneged.   Which points straight at where the blame lies.

But they're all too gutless to use it.

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3 minutes ago, ForzaDundee said:

See how the Arabs are all rich from oil. Why don't we just go invade and take it all? The f**k are they going to do about it. We'll take Man City too, what's stopping us?

They're fucked from fixing up Tannad... Oh.

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