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  1. Doesn't surprise me with you. You probably think 9/11 was caused by a man living in a cave somewhere.
  2. "And while she said that Mr Thomson had invaded his accuser's personal space by leaning on him and repeatedly putting his arm around him, she concluded that this did not amount to being sexually inappropriate."
  3. I was cringing all the way through that. I'm just relieved it paid off at the end there.
  4. Sad thing is, Starmer will undoubtedly reply.
  5. The agenda is in full swing across the west.
  6. Racism against Muslims is all just a good laugh init?
  7. It's ok, cause he's only voted for the tories twice in his life to stop his country gaining sovereignty or something lol
  8. Islamaphobes will defend islamaphobes. As will defenders of Israels atrocities.
  9. A "specific garment" worn by whom?
  10. Yes. You're also allowed to say that Muslim women look like letterboxes and bank robbers. In fact, it may just score you a job at the very top! It's all fair game as long as you don't criticise the murderous state of Israel.
  11. It's the state that votes them in. It's the state that follows their orders. It's the states crime.
  12. Gentlemen..... I present to you, the UK.
  13. Yes. See Corbyn and the Labour Party. No. See Boris and the Conservative Party.
  14. Zionism strikes again. I wonder how much the Israeli lobbyists paid their lap dog this time.
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