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  1. Final was played at Harlaw Park, Inverurie (I was there!)
  2. I think it's probably a pretty slim chance, but if they're going to the effort of simple procedure, then I wouldn't put doing a quick online keyword search past them. Could just edit the posts and remove specifics: the location, court, the signage issue etc.
  3. They started off in the North Caley for their first season, but at the time they were pretty vocal about wanting to bring junior football to Inverness. The North Caley still being very much an amateur league in all but name and they felt they could exploit a niche. They were accepted to the juniors the season after, IIRC. Edit: they actually did two seasons in the North Caley, started in 2006/07 the entered the North Region Division 2 in 2008/09. They only ever played at Ferry Brae in their North Caley years. They won the Jock Mackay Cup as their only bit of NCL silverware.
  4. I'd be careful here, the companies do Google searches and you've pretty much identified yourself by naming the specific location and your defence.
  5. I think that was the issue. Ferry Brae isn't properly enclosed, no pitch barrier and no spectator toilets. I don't know what the changing rooms are like. There was a document that set out the minimum requirements from the SJFA for the Superleagues. Obviously, some clubs grandfathered in, but City were expected to meet the standard.
  6. It wasn't City, it was one of the clubs in the amateur/welfare/whatever grade the Inverness & District were playing that year that got booted out for too many naughty words causing upset to the North Kessockians.
  7. Tayport, Fort William and Golspie Sutherland are also licensed; although unless there are masses of points deductions for other clubs, aren't going to be winning any leagues.
  8. You don't need a club doctor to be physically present during matches. You need one nominated to provide professional oversight to club policies, but you can have a paramedic or physio (or a doctor) present at games.
  9. No social club at the ground. Easy enough to get the bus from city centre to the ground though.
  10. Quite a lot. For all its issues, the NHS is actually pretty good at this sort of stuff.
  11. Yes, you are delaying paying tax now with a SIPP, but the advantage is still there for higher rates tax payers in that you can use contributions to reduce your income to below the thresholds, useful if you claim e.g. child tax credits, which you start to lose currently. Also for avoiding the >60% tax trap once you start to lose your personal allowance. You obviously will see any investment gains when withdrawing your pension, but you do have some flexibility in keeping your pension income within the basic rate. For most people, paying into a pension makes more sense than an ISA, particularly when employer contributions are taken into account. I think many people forget about the value of this, if you stop your pension contributions, you will lose free money from your employer and any increase in your take home will be less than your contributions as it'll be taxed.
  12. The advantage of AVC into e.g. a SIPP is the tax relief, which can be useful to bring yourself below some of the cliff-edge thresholds. Payments into a ISA are obviously after tax has been deducted. Saying that, an ISA is more flexible if you need the money, in a SIPP, the cash is essentially locked away until you reach 55. There is the lifetime ISA which can be used either for a house deposit for a first time buyer or can be withdrawn after 60. There is a limit of £4000 per year, but the government will pay a 25% bonus annually, topping it up to £5000, plus any interest.
  13. Bladder cancer certainly a possibility. I also wonder about a haematological malignancy like a lymphoma/leukaemia that was picked up on his pre-op blood tests. Would fit with him "starting treatment" so soon.
  14. It's not just the state pension itself, but those of us in the many of the public sector schemes have pensions that are linked to the state pension age. Yes, you can withdraw before then, but you take a reduction. My plans were to retire once mortgage was paid off and then use savings to bridge the gap before I could claim my pension a few years early so the reduction wasn't too acute. Will now have to run the numbers again. No way can I work until my late 60s in the NHS.
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