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Goalkeeper of the Year 19/20

Goalkeeper of the 19/20 Season  

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Due to the fact that the BBC result threw up an absolute scandalous result, there were a few suggestions that P&B compile a poll. I'll post a position up every 24 hours and the winner(s) as at midnight of that day will make the cut. I'll include as many candidates as I possibly can (And I'll put in a few players for a few positions if they've played multiple positions) but with restrictions of 15 I'll not be able to include everyone for every position - I'll do my best to try and not miss anyone obvious though. Apologies to the likes of Sam Ramsbottom, Ross Stewart & Jamie Sneddon who missed the cut here.

Also included in this poll is a formation choice for TotY. Some prefer 4-4-2 whilst some prefer 4-3-3 or a 3-5-2 - obviously there are many more variants of formation and you can cast your vote to mould to the formation after this vote (Since a goalkeeper will be in every single formation).  ETA: I'll include this in tomorrow's poll.

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Voted Jamie Mcdonald, was brilliant against us for Alloa, the contrast was all the more stark with our goalkeepers. 

Expect McCrorie to win though, cracking keeper. 



I'd absolutely love to have a competent goalkeeper from the start of next season. 

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