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  1. Ahh yes, a pic of what’s generally considered to be one of the best terracing in the Championship from which to watch the fitba’. ….andits only one of the four (FOUR - count ‘em!) sides of Cappielow that are available to be used by spectators. Thanx for the pic!!
  2. Well done Raith, got yerselves right back into the fight for the title - and WOT a goal that was! Good luck for the rest of the season (apart from when you're playing the 'Ton!)
  3. Innuendo is the Spanish word for anal sex. Here to help!
  4. You seem to be unaware that magnets can both attract and repel. Ask yourself which is happening here - and, once you reach the only logical answer, ask yourself why that might be……... AND THEN JUST STOP BLOODY DOING IT. Nah, you might have about 70 pence. And even that is about 68 pence too much…….
  5. This was on the wall of the gents' bog on Saturday. Nice to see the club being inclusive towards any among us who identify as a woman but still have to pee as a man.....
  6. Honest assessment from the gaffer, on the money as usual. Good to hear they're working with Garrity towards making him the full package. Tough game coming up next week, would be excellent to keep the good run going.
  7. Need to run the legs aff the 10 men, otherwise we could be looking at this....
  8. Okay, this one isn’t about WHAT they say, more HOW they say it…… in post-match interviews it’s amazing how, when answering a question, most players and managers can hardly look the interviewer in the eye. Fair enough, a lot of the questions are pretty dumb - “tell us about the goal/save/sending off”, “what did the gaffer say to you at half-time”, “what were you thinking when you hit it?” etc, but when they’re answering they’re looking up, down, left, right - anywhere but at who they’re talking to. To be fair, it’s worse down south than in Scotland, and one of the worst is Ange Postecoglu. I like the guy, I really do, he talks a lot of sense and he’s a good manager, but he just can’t look an interviewer in the eye when he’s answering them. After the Man City game tonight was a perfect example, he mumbled some pretty standard replies while all the time staring at the interviewer’s shoes, and he’s always like that, win, lose or draw. Just looks shifty and like he doesn’t want to be there.. These guys are in the entertainment business (allegedly), and like it or not they should at least try to look interested. The only ones who seem genuine are the ones who don’t often get interviewed, sometimes they’re a breath of fresh air. Seems the more money you make and more successful you are the less you care about giving ninety seconds of your time after a game to keep the punters happy.
  9. Excellent piece of business. Even if Dougie were to leave before then it would be because he’s got us into a better state than we are at the moment, plus we’d be due some compensation for the remainder of his contract. * * - even if some club tried to “do a Failkirk”.
  10. Agreed. If they use it, it’s never just once, it becomes all you’re listening for to see how often they’ll shoehorn it in……..
  11. Well, YOU'RE no real judge - compared to your mob you're on a big team's thread just by being HERE.
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