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The new WoSl Match Recording Thread

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Why don't we have a dedicated thread for the chaps (who do good service by filming the games) to post the fruits of their labour in, for our amusement and entertainment?

Perhaps a helpful moderator could even pin it to the top of the board for easy reference...

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Erm,... lads...you can lead a horse to water and all that...

So this would be a plea to Davie, Mark, Aaron, Martin, Gerry, and the other chaps whose names we don't yet know...after going to all the effort of producing yer wee masterpieces for us...gonnae just post it in here ?

If you don't want to have the resource in one place (for any reason) then thats OK too...I can just delete the thread if you don't think it appropriate.

Either way, your work is appreciated.

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1 hour ago, rutherglen glencairn said:

Unfortunately my main camera was broken so just a short video from behind the goals.



Sorry pal I had a dinner I had to get to otherwise I could have combined the two videos! I hope you can get something sorted out camera wise soon.

Perhaps the club could help you out as well? Do a donation page? I’d happily donate! If you need any camera recommendations let me know 

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