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  1. The Buffs managed to do alot of work quickly when the moved and when the lockdowns hit and a lot of trades people around the time were able to give their time and supply materials to get the ground and the Claire hub in place. Just because they haven’t continued at the same pace doesn’t make it a failure Sure getting rid of Strain was a mistake but the majority of the current committee weren’t involved in that but of course you know everything so you knew that already
  2. Still Kilwinning though but that doesn’t suit your narrative
  3. Interesting given as SFA Licensed club The Buffs would fall into a lot more scrutiny around health and safety and have had these things signed off by a suitably qualified person.
  4. What’s so bad off the pack? how is their a lack of structure first I’ve heard of @parkcircusreturning The Buffs have at least invested in their ground and got their SFA License and not over spending on player wages instead of sorting out the ground like some teams that are popular on these forums!
  5. all I’ve seen is negative comments, The Buffs could be anything this year once the squad settles down and you can’t base anything off one game against one of the best teams in the premier division!
  6. You’ve had it in for The Buffs for a while now. So no surprise its hardly a game to judge anyone, first proper friendly of the season. With 3 trialists featuring and a number of new signings and key players out with injury. Playing against a Talbot side with the majority of squad returning from last seasons with a couple of trialists complementing the players around them!
  7. Whether he’s rhubarb or not he’s not wrong, not ideal if you want to sell hospitality for your first game of the season not knowing if you’ll be home or away until a couple of weeks before the season starts
  8. Most players contracts if they don’t get released by their current club expire today, I’d expect to see more players getting announced over the next week or two, first pre-season game isn’t til a week on Wednesday. Plenty time!
  9. Hmrc only look at the clubs tax declarations, through FFP. HMRC have access to each individual players tax declarations
  10. Which bit of the article suggests anything about money? Struggling to see if you’ve made that connection
  11. What a dumpster fire of a thread when it’s all about Darvel and it ends up slagging off The Buffs committee and chairman!
  12. So clubs with floodlights have to sacrifice Saturday gate money because they’ve invested in floodlights. Hardly fair. Should be playing more midweek games at the start of the season (maybe a round in the league cup, junior cup and Strathclyde demolition) before the dark nights kick in, leaving Saturday’s free later in the year when playing midweek isn’t an option unless you’ve got floodlights
  13. Sure for the football groundhopper or football snob types it’s probably not that popular but for the average fan experience it’s still one of the best grounds in the west
  14. Agree with this, Townhead Park in Cumnock is a still a great ground, decent food, great social club, views are pretty good (aslong as they move the goals)
  15. If he’s still showing up to training and matches and not getting his wages then I would expect it would be fairly easy to get released.
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