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Disabled Parking at Hampden


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My daughter wants to go to a Scotland game so I'm taking her to see SWNT v Ukraine on Wednesday night. It'll be her first game at Hampden since she was a baby in a sling for the Cup Final in 2015 which she doesn't remember!

My daughter is disabled and we have a blue badge and a mobility buggy. She can walk short to medium distances but needs the buggy for longer ones. I can also carry her on my back but as she's 7 now she's getting a bit heavy for me to do that for any long distance.

Does anyone know what disabled parking is like at Hampden? I've never had to do it before. I've e-mailed them but no reply yet, will try phoning later on but just wondered if anyone knew off-hand.

Also I presume there will be catering open? Convinced she likes getting snacks more than actually watching football.

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I was at the SWNT match v Hungary last month. I can't say I noticed whether the car park was open, but it may have been so that could be worth a try. Enter via Aitkenhead Road. Letherby drive end outside Lesser was full of coaches but might be worth a try as a plan B.

The restricted parking zone in the residential streets wasn't in effect, so you could get parked pretty close without going into the car park. I would assume this will be the case again. Mount Annan Drive and Kinghorn drive are about as close to the turnstiles as you can get, so try there first.

Getting there as early as possible may help too.


The consession stands were open in the stand (usual Hampden prices though)


Hope you get on OK with parking and that you and your daughter enjoy the game. Last time was my first time at a women's match, like you my 7 year old daughter wanted to go, and i enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

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