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Heart of Midlothian - 2022/23 European Tour


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57 minutes ago, Tony Wonder said:

Complaining about revisionism and then claiming we are regarding our consolation tonight as a "famous goal".

As for the seeded third, finished third line, it's true. We got £1m in prize money and lost to who we were expected to.

Should we have competed better? Fucking obviously. Have Hearts fans not been moaning about those defeats for 2 months now in total though? Because unless you live in some sort of parallel universe Neilson has been getting it tight for months. 

As for getting hammered on aggregate, you got skelped 5-1 off Rijeka in your last European campaign. A team that are nowhere near the level of Istanbul or Fiorentina. 

If Hearts fans on Twitter are getting to you I'd suggest unfollowing them. As said before, genuinely don't know a Hearts fan that gave a f**k about tonight given the circumstances. 

HibsFan seems upset that Hearts fans aren't as annoyed as he wants them to be. Funny.

On the subject of wanting your derby rivals' manager to stay in the job, it's worth noting that our campaign - which was defined by ever-more horrifying defensive and midfield line-ups with each passing game - did not feature the biggest defeat by an Edinburgh side this season, nor did it produce the most embarrassing 3rd place group finish. Even funnier.

As for revisionism, I said at the start of the group that 6 points would be par. That was before we knew we'd be doing the whole thing well understrength, massively so in defence.

The manner of the defeats was obviously painful, but also pretty much inevitable given the quality of the defensive options and the strength of the opposition. We undoubtedly played beneath our capability in some of the games, but realistically our fate was sealed when we got those injuries and didn't sign another defender. Even then, the most likely outcome was 0 points from those 4 games.

On the other hand, 6 points from RFS was nothing like a given. Fiorentina didn't get it and Basaksehir didn't get it. In fact, RFS have played 10 teams in Europe over two legs and Hearts are the only team to beat them home and away. It's nothing to shout about, but it's a reasonable achievement and netted us a lot of money.

The truth is, there's not very much interesting to say about the campaign itself. Losing to the better teams was expected, doing so by a few goals was painful. Finishing ahead of RFS was expected, but getting 6 points and €1m prize money was a nice boost. Overall it's a 5 or a 6 out of 10.

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36 minutes ago, HibsFan said:

You enjoy yourself.

You said something earlier about Hearts fans having to take our medicine, or something along those lines.

Maybe take a wee step back and think how you look in this scenario.

Hearts fans: Had a great time in four different venues, saw a couple of wins, travelled in good numbers and made memories. Ultimately, our team performed to par. Enjoyed early skives off work for Thursday pints at the TA/Diggers/Benson's/wherever. Got to this situation by beating your team twice in a week last spring. Optimistic of doing it all again next year.

You: Sitting fucking fuming on the internet telling Hearts fans they should be upset.

You're not winning here, pal. Take a wee breather.

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Missed the game but this very much reminds me of him under Rodgers. He’s purely a shot stopper (an excellent one at that)  but was never going to be the desired modern sweeper keeper in todays game so not sure exactly what he was thinking trying this again when he’s 40. 

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6 hours ago, DiegoDiego said:


Were the circumstances not that you could win half a million pounds? And nobody gave a f**k?

The circumstances were we'd be unlikely to beat Istanbul with a full team, which we don't have. So there was zero expectation going into the game. So yeah, no one really gave a f**k. 

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6 hours ago, DiegoDiego said:


Were the circumstances not that you could win half a million pounds? And nobody gave a f**k?

I was hoping I'd be able to watch the whole game and not have to switch it off at half time. I managed that. We did okay. I only managed half the Fiorentina game so a nice improvement.

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On 03/11/2022 at 19:56, HibsFan said:

You seem to have confused this with a non-existent match thread about tonight's game. This is about Hearts' entire European campaign, which yes, as a somewhat-obsessed Hibby, I do care about. It's funny seeing your rivals lose, it's especially funny seeing them lose horrendously..

Can confirm.

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