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Airdrieonians vs Falkirk - 06/08/22

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Algeria is so horrendous that he's making me miss Dennon Lewis! 

We've had the best of the play but created next to nothing.  Airdrie are atrocious compared to last season but managed to score with the break of the ball against the run of play, I guess that's all that matters though! 


Nesbitt is a waste of a Jersey, Morrison had 4 shots straight down the throat of the keeper and Yeats is absolutely wasted at right back, his poorest game so far imo.  

Burrell and Oliver on for Alegria and Nesbitt please?  Also, with at least a couple of minutes wasted due to the flair, how come the ref blew when the clock had barely hit 45 and we had a corner?!


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Agreed mate, genuine riddy being outnumbered at home after your most successful season in recent history against the team with arguably their worst [emoji848]

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Iv not seen a ref this clueless in a long time. 
McGlynn really.had better hope there's a tune to come out of Lawal and Burrell because it's a long way to January. 

Not as clueless as half the Falkirk fans on this thread earlier on in the week.

To each and every Falkirk fan talking shit on this thread and on the Airdrie get it right up you and thank you for the 3 points.

See you again at the Bairnabeu for the same again soon.
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