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Elgin City v Bonnyrigg Rose

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Seeing as no-one else has started a thread, I'll start it. First visit on league business to Borough Briggs. Can Elgin get their first league win of the season, I think so. They appear to have been unlucky so far, after being well humped by East Fife on the opening, three draws and then losing by a goal against the leaders, isn't the worst start they could have had. The re-signing of Draper, to me, is good as he'll add a bit of steel to the defence. Hester's scoring and for a change, he's not been the only one and we've had two cup wins against decent teams.

2-1 home win

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2 hours ago, gordon9736 said:

Great result. Only weak link in the team today was McEwan, but Mailer, replacing him also made a difference. Soapy was my MotM, but Draper was worthy of it. Onwards and upwards.

Can’t understand when Mailer came on he put Soapy back to sitting centre mid and we dropped deeper and deeper, surely if ever a player is a sitting midfielder it is Mailer who can’t pass or beat a player but can tackle and break up play!

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I thought we deserved the points! I think the pessimism in the fans given our ability to throw away leads etc.. gives a slightly screwed version of what is actually happening (I’m no different btw)! We simply expect the opposition to score when the pressure is put on but realistically I think we had more clear cut opportunities to score than Bonnyrigg. Just tests the old ticker a bit more than it should!!

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