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Saturdays with no Scottish football whatsoever


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Can't have been many one-off Saturdays in the season with no Scottish fitba at all to speak (most/all amateurs also stopping tomorrow).

Princess Diana's funeral on Saturday 6th September 1997 but unsure if Highland, EOS, juniors etc. carried-on.

Unless surpassed recently the last weekend with a total weather wipe-out was apparently Saturday 3rd February 1940.

Middle weekends of September 1939?

Some recent Christmas Eves?

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In the aftermath of Diana's murderdeathkill - on a Saturday night - Huntly and Forres played each other the following Wednesday, and Cove and Keith hammered out a 1-1 draw two days later on Friday (05/09/97), although that had already been scheduled for the Friday night before events in Paris cancelled the rest of the card for Saturday, September 6th, 1997.

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On 19/09/2022 at 22:31, zenon said:

I'm sure the entire Scottish football card was wiped out on 6th January 1979 due to a very bad winter's day. Maybe the odd amateur game still went ahead.


Correct. Six games went ahead in England and one of those was abandoned at HT (Stoke v Oldham).

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Figured out way to look for 'wipe outs' reasonably efficiently. Below are Saturdays during the regular season from WWII to end of 2012 where no 'first class' football in Scotland was played.

Note that every other year from 1956 to 1970 inclusive there was a Saturday in April when there were no club games: due to Scotland v England at Hampden. (Note in 1968 it was February not April). Similar in Mar 1997, Nov 1999, Sep 2001, Oct 2004, Sep 2005, Oct 2006, Sep + Oct + Nov 2007, Oct 2008, Sep 2009 and Sep 2011 there were Saturdays with no club games: due to home qualifiers at Hampden. (Note in 1997 it was at Rugby Park).

There was also a late start to the season in 1990 due to SFL centenary celebrations.

Saturday 15th January 1955
Hibs 3-0 QotS started but abandoned on 70mins - C Division matches were played at Aberdeen, Berwick, Dumfries and Kilmarnock
Saturday 8th February 1958
Saturday 9th February 1963
Saturday 19th February 1966
Saturday 6th January 1979
Saturday 26th December 1981

Saturday 25th December 1982
Saturday 25th December 1993
Saturday 25th December 1999
Saturday 25th December 2004
Saturday 25th December 2010

Saturday 6th September 1997

Saturday 27th March 1999
Scotland did not have a game on the Saturday, but were H v Czech Republic on following Wednesday
Saturday 7th September 2008
Scotland were A v FYR Macedonia
Saturday 8th October 2011
Scotland were A v Liechtenstein
Saturday 8th September 2012
Scotland were H v Belgium on preceding Thursday

Saturday 1st January 2000

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