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  1. Wouldn't take a whole lot of digging to find examples of Brechin fans talking down to everyone else on a weekly basis in the first season, TBH. The unpleasant episode following a postponement at Rothes featuring one of the more simple-minded Brechin posters whining like a bitch about a calloff and how unprofessional it all was only for someone at Rothes to make him look a complete piece later on. Now Brechin have Kevin Mackie dragging his ass across the carpet on the regular, it's open season on these clowns. Fucking idiots.
  2. Another ‘one’. Mate, it’s over. This is it for you guys now.
  3. Kevin Mackie can carry on raging at the Highland League all he likes but the Highland League consists of the clubs and nothing else, pretty much. So really, he’s raging at himself.
  4. Who, Buckie? In league terms they were mostly an irrelevance for the best part of 60 years until their two-in-a-row in the 2000’s. They nearly went out of business at one point in the 1970’s. It’s not even like the success of late is relative to what they should have won. One title since their last ‘title’ in 2017 (hiya Riddles, hiya pal!) and barely a cup final either. Cove trampled them into the ground from the minute the smell of promotion was in the air. Just because their new found support act like the club is Real Madrid, that don’t make it so.
  5. Says a lot for Buckie’s relationship with the concept of playing more than an hour from Queen Victoria Park that most aren’t believing them. Well, most on forums anyway - Pussbook is riddled with ‘Poor Buckie’ and ‘SFA stitch up’ but the clever, handsome folks on here and FitbaNorth have immediately seen through Buckie’s nonsense
  6. Cove haven’t been a junior side since the 1980’s, blud.
  7. You think the Buckie lot all play for sweeties?
  8. You should just post the table, it’s worth it to get a laugh out of Brora, who took less points off the top clubs than Lossie did.
  9. They shat their pants against Cowdenbeath at home, they'd enough chances to win the entire tie that afternoon. Edinburgh City put in a fucking masterclass on how to deal with Cove tho. That was some afternoon.
  10. There’s some bizarre folk in their number, certainly. Sadly for those who are scared of the south, some of the Buckie squad are young, have a broader experience of other clubs, and are - when not baring their arses to Clach, Lossie and Vale - quite professional in their behaviour, and may want more out of their career than playing in Banff and Grantown forever more. I did see the improvement Cove had to make to make it through the playoffs at the third attempt, and Buckie aren’t anywhere near where Cove were when they blitzed East Kilbride and Berwick, however.
  11. Even if the money is if no relevance to the support, it’s got to be worth the novelty of going up even if it’s just for a season. I’m very sure Brora have long regretted not managing to follow through on their Montrose double header. And FFS, Buckie could yet head into an SPFLLT which has Elgin, Forfar and Peterhead in it. If Stranraer were to go down at their expense, I dunno how much more miles they’d end up doing a season. Not enough to justify Buckie fans googling if they’ve to wind on their watches when they pass south of Stirling, I’d imagine.
  12. Buckie fans ‘elsewhere’ always freak when there’s a chance they’re to turn over more than one page of their 1994 AA Big Book of Roads to find where they’re going if it’s south of Stonehaven. Curiously this didn’t seem to stop them all trundling down to Celtic Park with their new scarves, price tags still attached. Who in their right mind wants to play Keith and Rothes forever? Staying where they are earns them next to no prize money. League Two is a land of riches compared to stopping in the SHFL, and the suits know it.
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