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Killie vs County, 28/05/23

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6 hours ago, Forfinn said:

I listened to the Sportsound podcast last night and the pundits were pretty sure all his post-match comments were intended to try and protect the confidence of the players ahead of Thursday. They agreed the performance was abject. Will it work? Well, he's been talking nonsense all season and we've ended up 11th, so probably not.

Do they not need some confidence before you can protect it? Because they certainly aren't playing with any.

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I approached this game with a good amount of nerves - too many times this season we've had a decent result and fell flat afterwards. Given how things panned out, turns out there was no need to worry about any of that at all. Other than giving away a needless penalty, we played well and carried on the good work from Tannadice on Wednesday night. Every player did their job and played well, and it was far more comfortable than I expected it to ever be. Afterwards it was a smashing day out and a big outpouring of relief that a rubbish season with some admittedly good moments was over and done with, and we can all look forward to a rebuild. 

As for County, who knows? If Mackay doesn't get his good players like Dhanda into the game on Thursday night and Thistle keep their recent goalscoring form up then it could be curtains before the tie even reaches Dingwall. Fair play to the County fans who supported their team well - as someone who knows what it's like to be served utter dross week after week, I feel for you that you have to deal with a rubbish guy like Mackay in charge on top of all that. I hope that you manage to rid yourselves of him, even if that means going down to do so.

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On 29/05/2023 at 15:25, kilMARKnock said:


Bit harsh mate. I was absolutely raging on the day but it’s not as if he’s went AWOL or whatever and disrespected the club. Was our POTY last year too.

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