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Scots in the Championship 2023/24

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2023/24 , Scots in the Championship

as inspired by Craigieboy.

Realistic team / squad players

Forwards -  Adams , Dykes , Stewart ,                                                             ,  Nisbet   



Midfield -     Supersub McLean





Defenders. - Hanley , Porteous , Hyam.

                         Cooper , Morrison



( RWB ).          McCrorie , Ramsay ,  Ashby                                  


Goalie.            Gunn


Any more ?


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6 hours ago, Ro Sham Bo said:

I see Archie Gray is starting for Leeds at 17 years old, but on further investigation it looks like he's declared for England unfortunately. 

Wi the history of his family Scotland have a massive chance of still getting Archie 

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21 hours ago, Squeaks Snowy Bicycle said:

I don't get why Nisbet gets no game time at all. Have him and Clarke falling out or does he just no rate him? 


Only Clarke can answer that, but I suspect he sees him as some kind of a reactive option rather than someone would can fit into the system he wants to deploy.

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