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  1. It is categorically not a rugby pitch. I’ve no idea where this rumour that’s now passed off as fact came from, but it’s wildly incorrect.
  2. That ticket system is a shambles. Why are we allowing season ticket holders priority, then allowing them to just buy any amount of tickets they want anywhere in the stand? Now I cannae sit 1) in my season ticket seat that I’ve sat in all season and 2) with any of the guys I’ve sat with for the last 2 and a bit decades. Season ticket priority should mean exactly that - you get early access to buy your actual seat.
  3. What was the wee skirmish in the stairway about at one point in the second half? Thought the atmosphere last night was superb, really enjoyed it from start to finish. Nerve shredding ending but that’s why we go.
  4. Been a good laugh. Try not get too upset next season if a Premiership team hires a boy for Twitter illustrations.
  5. That’s not what he said, and you know that, but don’t let that get in the way of your story. If Kev didn’t have any deficiencies in his game he’d be no where near our level.
  6. That was a terrible first half last night, followed by a pretty reasonable second half. I thought the switch to 3-5-2 really worked in an attacking sense but we still looked very suspect down the flanks whilst defending. I always try to separate the performance from the result and not just think everything was good because we won - or bad because we got beat - and being completely honestly we could’ve had zero complaints had Inverness run out winners. Three attempts off the woodwork and a few wonder saves from Kev gives us the win. Games like last night are why it’s difficult to really complain too much about finishing 2nd. Yes it’s very easy to look at the games v Arbroath and wonder “what if?”, but for every defeat snatched from the jaws of victory we probs let have at least 2 reverses of that where we’ve nicked it without fully deserving it. I think 2nd is probably the right position for us based on the evidence over a whole season. Still proud of the resilience shown by the squad and it’s another result up in Inverness which, for a long time, many of us thought we’d never see. Fully expect Dundee Utd to piss on Ayr from a great height this afternoon and kill it. Performances from last night which I thought were noteworthy: Kev’s performance is as good from any goalkeeper I’ve seen this season. Sensational stops at vital times. 10/10 Dylan Corr did well in basic defending but looked shaky on the ball. I said earlier in the season on the podcast that I think he’s got a lot of the raw attributes to be a very good player but needed game time. I probably still stand by that, but he’s not had the game time to develop. Imagine he will drop into League 1 next season and have a good year. Liam Dick has had a good season at left back. Dependable and solid. Just wish he could get forward more and provide us with the width we sorely lack from that area. Vaughan’s finish was a touch of class. Murray hit the nail on the head in his post match when he said that so many other players would look to blast that with their left foot but he’s got the game intelligence to know where the keeper is and goes with the deft right foot no look caress finish into the far corner. In terms of next season, I don’t want to get too bogged down into who stays and who goes because we’ve a big next month or so to come, but I don’t think a refresh of the forward line would be much of a bad thing. The issue is that the majority of them are signed up for the next season at least. Wouldn’t have any objections to Chalmers to our squad, I’m just not sure that we have the squad space to accommodate him plus all of the current forward options we posses.
  7. The fact that Dundee Utd still haven’t won this league with 3 games to go is honestly mental. We’ve been shite for months.
  8. I had optimistically booked a half day from work for this a few months ago. Will not be going now, and unlikely to bother with the Morton game either. Might saunter along to the Arbroath game since it’s at home. We could do with building some momentum for the play offs but realistically this is a dead rubber for us. 1-0 Inverness.
  9. I noped the f**k out as soon as I heard that the last half hour was going to be via microphone. Thought I might’ve been hasty so popped back in, just in time to hear someone ask, “can we win the play offs?”. Straight back out.
  10. Might lock this thread whilst you all have a fucking word with yourselves. Ffs man
  11. What is this measured, thought-out and eloquent response?! Bring on the angry face emojis.
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