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  1. Very best of luck to you both, SD. All will be fine, I'm sure.
  2. Absolutely agree. There IS something about him that rips ma knitting, I can't quite place it - but those legs of darts were something else. Just looking at those stats, they are incredible for 6 legs of darts. Kudos to the King.
  3. What a match that was - one of the best comebacks you're likely to see, and a tremendous 106 checkout from King. There was pressure on that!
  4. By christ that was a doing, was it not? Whoever he plays next will probably try and slow him down - tell you what, I know that guy is quick but that was lightning.
  5. Like H_B I reckon it'll be Federer in 4. I'd be ecstatic if Murray wins though.
  6. Absolutely brilliant. Not his best performance I don't feel, but he was up against a very awkward opponent and he's put him away with relative ease at the end. If it's Federer he plays on Sunday, and I reckon it will be, I think it'll be very close. I certainly hope so anyway.
  7. Tremendous, that's the 3rd set to Murray. Hopefully he can go on and win this set..
  8. Early break in the 3rd set for Murray - he leads 2-1. He's picked it right up, whilst it looks like Cilic is starting to tire.
  9. What a fucking break point from Murray there!!!!! He leads 3-2 in the 2nd set. Awesome!
  10. Cilic breaks Murray again (to love) to take the first set 6-3. First set Murray has lost in the tournament, it'll be interesting to see how he reacts. There's only one player in it just now though. Cilic is in complete control.
  11. He certainly isn't. He's just broken Murray in the first set to go 3-2 up, and he's giving Murray a bit of a run around. If this boy Cilic is knackered, I'd hate to see him on full throttle.
  12. Forgive my ignorance Naitch, but will this be on TV anywhere? EDIT - sorry man, ignore that, just read an earlier post. ITV4 indeed .
  13. Ok, I didn't think it would be over THAT quickly! Nadal walks off in agony after going 3-0 down in the third. Gutted for Rafa for it ending like that, but absolutely fucking JOYOUS for Murray. Go on son.
  14. Nadal is really struggling with his knee now, especially when serving. If Murray can hold his serve, this could be over quickly.
  15. Struggling being the word - he doesn't look in pain as such, but he looks genuinely fucked off with it.
  16. I agree about Nadal being there for the taking dubs, but he's proved on a few occasions in this match, he is an absolute beast of a player. I'd prefer to not think about Murray losing it from here! He has an absolute stranglehold on this match now, and it's well deserved.
  17. 2nd set tiebreaker it is! What a match so far.
  18. ............. and Murray breaks straight back! Some contest this.
  19. Nadal breaks Murray to lead 4-2 in the second set - immediately after the players having an enforced 10(ish) minutes break due to the Australia Day celebratory fireworks.
  20. Darts Cricket is fuckin AWESOME!
  21. I would think that you should separate your game - spend as much time on your doubles as you would do on scoring (whether that's aiming for the sixty, or T19's or whatever). Alternate it as well - if you have a spare two hours of an evening, do an hour of doubles then an hour of trying to hit ton+'s. That's only my advice, and I'm sure that all the guys on here are a damn sight better throwers than I am - see what they say!
  22. Here's the BBC Story in full - Hearns comments at the end are inflammatory to say the least! They might be true, but Olly Crofts history of "it's ma game, and you're no playing" is clear for all to see.
  23. A cracking final. Really good spectacle - Adams can close a match out, no doubt about it. Chizzy - what can you say, just like Whitlock, he's had a helluva tough route to the final - getting there was an achievement in itself! Well done to him. Cracking end to a cracking tournament!
  24. Yep,as much as it pains me to say it Chizzy aint going to win 3 sets without reply. His doubles have really let him down. Tell you what though, his style might be a bit plodding and methodical, but I've been mighty impressed with Adams.
  25. YAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! Go on yerself Chizzy, 4-4!! He can win this - hope he's telling himself that, he can defo win this!
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