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  1. McCall saying post-match he's looking to sign four now. I'd say that's the absolute bare minimum that we need to have a balanced first XI and some decent cover. Surely they've got secondary targets for those we've missed out on, surely?
  2. As good as you could expect from this Clyde team really, would've been really interesting to see how it panned out if Young's excellent effort had crept in. No injuries to any of our key guys and up the road now please!
  3. I'd rather have Leslie than not, so it's positive news in that regard I suppose and we should get more from him in the second half of the campaign. If I hear him described as a new player in the vein of Cuddihy and Grant, though, then it could well serve as my joker moment.
  4. Missing out on virtually all of your targets is absolutely fine if you haven't led up to the window and started it with cocksure statements about the numbers you will bring in. At no point was it "we will try to", "we will do our best", "if we're lucky". If expectations were tempered whatsoever by Maitland or McCall then what's currently happening would be nothing more than unfortunate, but their strategy has clearly been sub-optimal to say the least. As I said before, we'll just have to hope they had plenty of contingency options beneath the misplaced confidence.
  5. I'm not sure what's causing me more distress here between people continuing to give "Jimmy Choo" oxygen in the year 2024 and the very real prospect of Ross Lyon starting every game between now and the end of the season.
  6. Appears to be local to Dundee as well so that'll almost certainly be another one down the drain. Sad!
  7. We are obviously aiming very high with our recruitment this month, given some of the names mentioned. Maitland, McCall and our league status will live or die by how sensible that decision proves to be with hindsight. We're in a position with the squad now where it's possible that we could avoid tenth spot, but it would require serious good fortune with injuries given the paucity of cover, competition or general quality in some areas. I would hope that there are plenty of contingencies for key targets missed but, in a window notoriously difficult to do business in, that may not necessarily be the case. What we were told by Maitland at the fans' meeting was that, at that time, he expected around eight total arrivals and roughly four of those to be in place early on in the window - we saw three in for the first of January, so that wasn't far off. The longer we go by without any further business being conducted, the more worrisome the situation becomes though; rumours are swirling about targets who may have rejected us and why they've done so, and the messaging from those involved in recruitment is descending from bullish, robust and convincing to something rather more fraught, frustrated and hopeful. I don't doubt that Maitland and McCall are working their bollocks off in trying to improve the squad; they have both, evidently, been acutely aware of just what a state the squad was in since they respectively arrived at the club. They've obviously got a hefty chunk of change to enact change if we've been able to pay up/terminate a handful of contracts and then target the likes of Jordan Allan and Dario Zanatta on loan, both of whom will be on a wage that is a high-ticket one at part-time level. If they are two of between five and seven total targets, then there's obviously a lot to play with there. It is refreshing that the message continues to be about getting the right guys in and ensuring they are players of genuine quality, but the more January marches on, the more susceptible we are becoming to a late-window scramble for warm bodies and gambles. With three (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) available loan slots to use up, it could well be that there are some deals in the pipeline which haven't been formalised yet because higher-up clubs want to add to their own squads first. With us largely targeting players who are good enough to play in League One, it could be as OTIG says, that the players themselves - quite rightly, too - want to see if a club in less of a clusterfuck would be willing to match or better whatever offer we've tabled. The three we have signed so far, despite fitting into that League One quality category, were unattached and therefore there was probably a keener sense of urgency on their parts to secure themselves a contract ASAP. I wouldn't think that signings were being held back purely to protect the feelings of jobbers who are probably acutely aware by now that McCall will be chucking them right on the bench as soon as he can sign someone better. Maybe if it was another Jeanfield type tie where we could harbour reasonable expectations of progressing to the next round, but not when we're up against an Aberdeen side that'll be desperate to avoid a repeat of their shitemare last year. On Liam Brown - he'd be a terrific signing, provided his heart was in it. Given his loan spell at Stenhousemuir and his drop down to EK, though, I'm not entirely convinced it would be. Undoubtedly a smashing player though and one that I'd be horrified to learn we hadn't at least had a conversation with.
  8. Flynn Duffy or Kieran Freeman would be my guess there
  9. If being well outplayed at home for over an hour by the side adrift at the bottom of the league doesn't make a team terrible, I'm not sure what does!
  10. Today's game highlighted more than anything the need for more signings for us to take that next step. Lightweight and wasteful in forward areas, still weak at full back and absolutely no cover in the middle of the park. It's worrying that we are getting into mid-January and there are only now rumours that targets are turning their nose up at us. The good news is we now have two weeks to get things over the line before our next meaningful action, but the anxiety is definitely growing.
  11. Congratulations to Stenhousemuir, the 2023/24 cinch League Two champions. Richly merited!
  12. Really disappointing to only take a point from that given the pattern of the game. Garbage end product from so many promising openings.
  13. Zanatta would be a terrific signing but you'd imagine him to have his pick of the PT teams able to match his wages in the bottom two leagues. Getting a big fish over the line might help secure other signings so hopefully we can get one done soon.
  14. I'm starting to get serious McNiff vibes from Logan Dunachie
  15. Needlessly nervy at the end, but for the most part that was good. Definitely still need a handful to add to those already signed, but what a difference being able to play a back four with two quick, aggressive, technically adept centre-backs. Lyon was actually having a very decent game up until his blunder too and Dunachie was decent against limited opposition. Scullion had a fine game further forward and while there's more to come from Leitch, he showed some nice touches and combined really well with King ahead of the opener. On that point, I'd love for us to try and extend that loan based on what we saw today but that may be unlikely. Big win and hopefully that gives them some belief. The shackles really came off as soon as we went two up and we were playing some lovely stuff. Long may the improvements continue! ETA: Ray Grant is worth a word as well, he and Cuddihy gave us great control of that game. Subbing him was definitely the right call given his circumstances, let's hope he can build up his fitness and remain fit as he will be a massive player for the battle to come.
  16. Dunachie, McCulloch, Mulvanny and P. Grant(!) were the ones given two-year deals. Could be that McCall thinks McCulloch has something about him that a loan spell might bring out, or just that he isn't willing to rip up his contract at this moment in time.
  17. There might be a player buried somewhere inside McCulloch but I'll never have any idea what it was that Duffman saw in Mulvanny. Best of luck to both. I think if we were going to see any signings this week, then it'd have been on Wednesday or Thursday, but I'd be delighted to be proven wrong.
  18. I'd be playing Grant in the middle with it potentially being two new lads and sticking him on big fat McGachie tbh. Rennie being fit in any capacity would be a big boost.
  19. King is certainly back at Morton, not sure on Leslie but I would imagine it's the same scenario. Wouldn't say no to having the latter back, but he's offering nothing when we are just shagging balls into the channels for 90 mins.
  20. Great to see we're being proactive in trying to shift the players McCall doesn't want with a P&B ad campaign!
  21. They both sound calm and confident about our January business, which is somewhat reassuring. It's hard not to still be really anxious in spite of that, though, given the areas in which we are weakest and how hard it can be to fill them at the best of times - never mind in January, when you're rooted to the bottom of the pile. I'd feel better if two of our first three signings weren't centre backs, I think, but that's just how the chips have fallen. In saying that, they'll both help with our build-up from the back and allow us to defend five yards higher, so that'll be handy.
  22. Best of luck to those emptied, all tried (even Forbes, though his cement mixer level of mobility belied that at times) and it's not their fault that someone deemed them good enough to be at the club. A relief nevertheless, hopefully the other unfancied boys can be shifted soon too.
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