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  1. He was fucking humpty for us. Dundee fans seemed sure he was going to be great after a couple of early showings but seems to have regressed back to where he was with us now.
  2. Quite a lot of heavy looking showers on the south bank of the river today but nothing massive on the Dundee side so far... Forecast for the afternoon is a 40% chance of moderate rain showers between now and 4pm. Still time for a banter outcome!
  3. Multiple people saying they’d keep Carey shows me how far the standard has fallen. Possibly one of our better creative outlets this season, but still far below the standard required. Thanks but see you later.
  4. Weather in Dundee today/tomorow - quite nice (though its just started bucketing down here, about half way between Perth and Dundee and it looks like its heading Dundee's direction). Weather on Wednesday - shit. Comedy outcome inbound.
  5. Mitov, Sidibeh, Phillips, Franczak (to go on loan). That’s about it.
  6. Clark has been our best striker this season, no doubt, but that’s predicated on him playing in the penalty box. If you want a forward to drop into the midfield you’d be as well playing May because it suits him far better. Clark there makes no sense. Especially with shitebags around him. Mention above of Max looking better yesterday and more positive - he had one good moment with a drive forward and shot early in the second half, but beyond that I thought he was anonymous. He has to take a lot of the blame for the first goal too - he didn’t know what to do and left the guy who put the cross in all on his own with plenty of time to pick a cross out. The second goal - conceded at a time where it looked like we might get back into it - was just absolutely rubbish. Keltjens doesn’t have any attacking ability at all, Connor Smith is an empty jersey, Gallacher and Robinson are a bit better than what we have on the right but not a threat. The contrast with Killie - who have an excellent squad and a superb manager - is massive. Our manager is far too cautious. That’s a long term trait, but also probably a result of him knowing the options off the bench are mostly nonsense as well. But only making one unenforceable sub before the 88th minute is just ridiculous.
  7. If the grass at riverside is playabale that’s incredible tbh. The amount of water that came over the wall at the airport as a result of the incredibly high tide combined with the wind literally sloshing it over was unbelievable on Sunday and even yesterday there were big parts of it still under water. Riverside Drive was partly flooded as well when the tide was up the last couple of days, and that’s before you add todays rain on top.
  8. Some of the footage there the ball looked completely dead when it bounced. Not surprised it’s off but it’s a bad situation when three hours of fairly light to moderate rain puts it beyond being playable.
  9. Forecast rain hasn't really materialised today, I guess it just depends how bad it is tomorrow afternoon after the covers come off (assuming they are down just now)? I would love to hear Clement crying his eyes out if they drop points on an absolute glue pot of a pitch with Fabio Silva diving in the sand every thirty seconds.
  10. Because he was completely and utterly hopeless with us. We probably didn’t use him to the best of his ability but when he did play he didn’t show *any* of what you’re seeing from him now, even in flashes that would suggest there was better to come.
  11. Obita is a very lucky boy here. That is completely intentional and while it not make a straight red that is absolutely a second yellow every day of the week.
  12. Can't believe we're 70 minutes in and haven't made any changes. Clear issues to resolve here and a chance to press and try to win this.
  13. Great save from Mitov there. Bit of quality from Le Fondre. Carey needs to be on for either Max or Gallacher here.
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