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  1. Monday morning up with the lark. Dundee Utd went down at Dens Park. Thank you.

  2. Monday morning, up with the lark. Dundee Utd went down at Dens Park.

  3. I look like Robert De Niro. I drive a Mitsubishi Zero.

  4. Standing in the shadows of love, getting ready for the heartache to come.

  5. Well played Tommy Sheridan.

  6. Davidson boasting about being a Par, she'll get on well with the rest of the c***s.

  7. World peace is none of your business.

    1. Gaz


      Morrissey is a twat, and The Smiths are shite.

  8. Who is laughing now Imrie?

  9. Hartley hare's barmy army.

  10. Don't let your arse hit the door on the way out.

  11. Get this Bomber idiot out of my football club. Now.

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    2. Bigmouth Strikes Again

      Bigmouth Strikes Again

      What is this now? a history lesson you fucking twat.

    3. Slim Charles

      Slim Charles

      get it fucking up you. Dundee deserve that orcish, *** sympathizing fucking c**t.

    4. Bigmouth Strikes Again
  12. Your profile pics more offensive than your avatar. haha.

  13. Hi speccy, did you get your tattoo done in Dundee? if so where, looking to get one done and Deeboy says your one is pretty good. Cheers.

  14. You post a lot of good stuff, well played.

  15. Keep up the good work, you tart.

  16. I love you too, you moderator cunto.

  17. Thanks for the kind birthday sentiments. Farmboy.

  18. Bloody hell, I thought my reputation was bad. Keep up the good work.

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