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  1. As bad as United were, that performance in the 3-1 win for Dunfermline was the best a team has played against United this season. Raith have been very lucky all season. Would fancy Dunfermline to get to the playoff final if they keep their key players fit.
  2. There will be more Fun fans trying to get United v Raith on their Firestick than actually at their own game.
  3. I think a Rovers win is inevitable here. With their strength in depth they will be able to change things later on in the game and grab the win if they aren't already comfortable. Our only hope is being a couple up at half time imo (in my opinion) but I can't see it with the imbecile Goodwin messing around with formations to fit in competition winners like that Alex Greive.
  4. Cannot see past a win for big spending Rovers unfortunately. Worried about us in the full back areas as we are very light there due to injuries and lack of recruitment.
  5. If Alex Grieve is the answer, what was the question?
  6. Pages of Dunfermline fans desperate to show how little they care about Raith Rovers. It almost makes me want Rovers to win.
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