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  1. Can't get my head round that Ric post still being up over 7 hours later
  2. Williamson comes in at RB if fit. Yeats in beside McGinn.
  3. Hogarth Yeats Donaldson Mackie McCann McGinn Henderson Morrison Oliver Lawal Burrell Would be my team for Saturday, assuming no one else is available.
  4. All the Holt stuff was very bad All the stuff after Holt was good, actually, and just unlucky
  5. This is absolute wee guy stuff m8. Dunfermline won while their two main rivals for the title lost Higginbotham was excellent against us today and gave Henderson a torrid time Not sure what's "wee guy stuff" about a Dunfermline fan enjoying that
  6. An emoji dropped off. Anyone can click into those quotes to take a look for themselves at any "editing". Hopefully the RMT are offered a fair deal ahead of time so champion of the workers Bairnardo is not inconvenienced by being unable to get a train one day.
  7. Watching a wee clip on the 10 o'clock news 30+ years ago = first hand account of the events and all context around them
  8. Rob Roy 1-1 Glenafton Hurlford 2-1 Troon Kilbirnie 2-1 Gartcairn Maryhill 2-0 Wishaw Saltcoats 1-2 Royal Albert Kilsyth Athletic 2-1 West Park Utd
  9. Airdrie Utd 4-0 Edinburgh City Clyde 0-2 Alloa Kelty 1-0 Falkirk Peterhead 1-2 Montrose QoS 1-2 Dunfermline
  10. They're small coloured circles on a Scottish Football Forum - who cares?
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