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  1. I tried the Balajee. Maybe I got them on a bad night but it was poor. Madras was far too mild for my liking and my tongue was yellow from too much turmeric.
  2. Anyone read anything by Ann Cleeves? She has a similar series of books to Peter May set on Shetland though.
  3. One other good thing about the Kindle is you can highlight interesting passages for your own reference or whatever and see what other people have highlighted. Next up on my Kindle will be The Chessmen by Peter May, part three of the [isle of] Lewis Trilogy.
  4. I'll not miss you then? I was looking for this thread earlier but couldn't find it. I'm not back till Thursday so since I've been off I've: Taken chain off and cleaned it taken both wheels off, to replace hydraulic disc brake pads removed rear derailleur and fitted new one Still to index gears etc and give everything the once over. I'll probably be flying along, the brakes will fail, my wheels will come off, the derailleur will end up through the spokes and I'll end up in the middle of Inveralmond roundabout.
  5. You could try this. I use it now and again, but I'm not convinced these things make all that much difference nowadays on newer machines that have massive amounts of hard disk space, RAM, etc. That reply was to young bairn.
  6. I have 7 (or is it eight) rings on my rear cassette but I can only get it to use the 3 or 4 in the middle if you know what I mean. Is this easy to fix? I only cycle about 30 miles a week to and from work so never seem to get around to learning these type of repairs.
  7. Three of us went to Bobby Geddes's testimonial in February 1989, Dundee v Liverpool despite having no particular attachment to Liverpool and certainly not Dundee. It was a Sunday and we had to get a train through quite early as IIRC tickets were only on sale up until noon or something for some reason. We then had to hang around Dundee until 3pm kick off and it was absolutely baltic and windy as fook. Standing near Dens, a couple of very shifty looking Scousers approached us and asked us if we were looking for programmes, opening his coat slightly to reveal a packet of programmes still in a brown paper parcel and he clearly had something like a iron bar or such like up his sleeve. We bought one each. Still got mine.
  8. The domain name sneakersonfoot is registered in Panama. They own another approx 400,000 domain names.
  9. Maybe they know your "previous". Sorry, couldn't resist it.
  10. I'm reading The Himmler Brothers written by the grand-niece of Heinrich. Not bad but too much about how the three Himmler brothers were in this or that obscure Nazi old school tie organisation for engineers, teachers, etc. Who'd have thunk you couldn't go places job-wise in Nazi Germany if you weren't "in the party". At the same time Heinrich was sending millions to their death he was getting cakes sent to him from his mummy.
  11. I've read that one. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea, musicwise, but George Jones the country singer's book is one of the best autobiogs I've read. His coke dealers used to hold him down and force coke up his hooter if he tried to quit. They also beheaded a guy who tried to keep them away from Jones.
  12. Last book: Night by Elie Wiesel, a survivor of Auschwitz-Birkenau 4/5 Current book: The Whisperer by Donato Carrisi, a fairly bog standard child murderer on the loose type thingy. 3/5 so far.
  13. Smash his windaes next time he's out, then when he gets back come and say it was neds but you chased them, caught one and gave him a hiding. It's a win/win: you've done his windaes and he'll think you're sound and might not take the piss with the noise in future.
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