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  1. After the French, for the first time in 19 (nineteen) years, the world number one will be someone other than Djokovic, Federer, Nadal or Murray. That is utterly ridiculous.
  2. Elon Musk routinely shares right wing propaganda, knowing full well it's a load of shit. He's a poster boy for conspiracy theory fuckwits.
  3. Taylor much better in the 2nd than he was 1st. Close round.
  4. Took a wee punt at Taylor stoppage at 9/2
  5. Paddy Donovan looked good there, giving Lewis Ritson a sustained beating. Good call by the ref to stop the fight.
  6. This is very similar to the last league game, where Celtic had all the ball in the first half hour but couldn't do anything with it. They scored shortly after and the rest was, as they say, history.
  7. Fundora will officially vacate his WBO belt, putting his WBC on the line, to fight Spence Jnr. As a result, Crawford's fight against Madrimov will be for the WBA and WBO. Could Bud collect all 4 belts at 154? Of course he's good enough, but will politics get in the way.
  8. I think Taylor looks in a lot better shape than last time. 9/2 for a Taylor stoppage looks quite appealing.
  9. 1st round blitz from Okolie. Rozanski looked like he'd just come from a shift on the door of wetherspoons.
  10. The best man won, Brin was sensational right through. Special mention to Chris.
  11. I'll grudgingly be voting for the Scottish National Party. ETA... D&G constituency should be a straight Tory SNP shootout.
  12. Since I moved into my house almost 11 months ago, I've not been billed for any Gas. There was a mix up with the developer and British gas prior to moving into the house, which meant that they were given my wrong details. Every time I phoned them to try and resolve this, I could never pass security as my name didn't match the one they had on the account, therefore I couldn't register an online account or set up payment. After 6 months of calls, I finally managed to resolve the issue and was able to register online, receive bill and set up direct debit. I got a 6 month electricity bill, but nothing for gas. Again, I spent ages on the phone trying to resolve this, but British Gas got back to me saying that I'd closed my gas account and they're no longer the gas supplier to my property. I've kept a record of all contact in case they try and pull a fast one. After a bit of research (UK gov and citizen advice websites) it turns out that under back billing rules in the UK, the maximum I can be billed for is up to the previous 12 months usage and nothing beyond that. As a result, if nobody claims to be my supplier in the next month or so and bill me, then anything outwith the previous 12 months will be written off. I fully expect to be hit with a bill at some point, but hopefully I can keep this going for the foreseeable as the longer it goes on the more free gas I'll have written off.
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