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  1. I remember being down in the North of England on Holiday a couple of years ago and Rangers were playing a Champions League Qualifying match. English edition of the Sun had the result buried down in a tiny section with other diddy team results and did not bother with a match report, the OF mean nothing to the Ingerlanders
  2. I have said this before in another thread - I may not be up to them how they vote, every club in the SPL relies on their Bank Manager to keep them afloat, and if the Banks do not want a precedent set that would allow clubs to fold, shed their debts and set up as a NewCo, they will tell the club chairmen to vote against re-election, or else next year the clus could find themselves with no overdraft, loan arrangement etc etc. That happened with the vote to re-elect Airdrieonians and it could very well happen with Rangers
  3. One thing that was made perfectly clear by the Administrators when Airdrionians was liquidated (10 years ago to this day) was that handling a Football Club was totally different from administrating a commercial or manufacturing concern. Many of the processes that apply there cannot be used for a football club, mainly due to the rules and regulations applied by the league and/or association. For example it would be perfectly acceptable and commonplace for an engineering company in administration to be taken over by a rival company anywhere in the country or indeed the world, obviously that cannot be the case with a football club.
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