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  1. ....of the world famous Seaside League....
  2. Raith need to change their strip. Airdrie just love beating teams that wear navy blue shirts!
  3. Think positively, all that pish could flood the pitch
  4. Och, don't spoil it analogy, it was nearly January results that year here.... https://web.archive.org/web/20180815213718/http://www.airdriefc.talktalk.net/airdrie_1979_80.html?showpage=true
  5. Interesting factoid. Back in 1979-80 when we achieved our first promotion to the Premier League, we had a miserable December, didn't win a game at all, could history repeat itself!!!!!!
  6. Good to see that Tunnocks are sponsoring the Scottish space programme.
  7. Reminds me of the old Hector Nichol joke. What nationally is the man going into a brothel - he's a Kenyan What nationally is thd man coming out of the brothel - he's Finnish. And the man in the Brothel? Himalayan!
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