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  1. The fact that players are under contract until the end of the month will really only affect new signings. The players who are being released will all know by now and the players contracted for next season are simply just that unless anyone buy's them. The out of contract players will be the toughest issue to resolve, some will no doubt have already agreed deals elsewhere and others probably haggling over 10-20 % increases. Very few rumours circulating but I've seen it mentioned that the 2 Murray's (Aiken & Johnson) could return from Hibs but that might be on hold given the manager situation at Easter Road. With regards "new" signings I think it's quite clear the model of signing young players will continue and quite honestly having a look around the guy's freed from other championship clubs, it might be the way to go. For what it's worth I would think Nathan Shaw or Jakubiak could be decent signings for us.
  2. A fair old Airdrie connection at Stranraer, Agnew, Hawkshaw, G. Gallagher & McIntosh. At 22 mins is some great commentary where even the Whirlies roundo gets a mention!
  3. How do you, or anyone else for that matter know his contract situation? I've never seen it disclosed anywhere and for what its worth, Transfmrkt has it expiring at the end of this month.
  4. If I remember correctly there were several rounds of voting but every club who didn't vote for Airdrie in the 1st vote just switched to AN other for all the remaining rounds until Gretna overtook us.
  5. Most certainly a minefield but it could have been worse if John Boyles "Lanarkshire Utd" had came to fruition!
  6. The vote was simply for or against Airdrie and most club chairman were of the same mindset as Brown. Who'd have thought at the time that Gretna would rack up multiples of the debt Airdrie had in their short period in the SPFL. Airdrie's "messy" liquidation complicated by the council owning the land of which the stadium was situated and the subsequent zero return to creditors, saved others like Livingston & Dundee from following suit despite them having astronomical debts compared to ours. Yes still bitter on that one.
  7. The Manager's final post match interview once again alluded to the club planning 6 months in advance and also stated the obvious that there would be comings and goings. I would expect the players will be in this week (perhaps they already have) then we'll get a list of frees and who's signed or contracted for next season. If I remember correctly from previous seasons, we don't really mention players whose contracts have expired but are still considering their options. Not passing judgement but other clubs, like Arbroath, go into a lot more detail:
  8. With Hibs getting a tanking yesterday and the likelihood they'll change Manager, which could present another issue, who knows what will happen with him. I'm a huge fan of the lad and therefore it's fair to say we're miles apart on this one.
  9. Pretty much concur with the defence & forwards comments but as you allude to I would slightly differ on the midfield. McCabe the player is unquestionably on the way down, and McCabe the manager is probably looking for to replace him but I don't believe it's time for the boots to be hung up as a player of his ability and experience, at the very least is excellent back up. Murray Aiken I would love to see return as he provides a different option with his energy, pace and ability to win the ball back, something we lack and I'll be shocked if he ends up in league 1.
  10. Might not be bad a thing as we do need to freshen up the forwards, and add the amount of injuries he's had then it could be mutually beneficial.
  11. Good question and maybe one for the Fans Liasion Group, if they ever came to fruition.
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