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  1. Yes, it's hard to see why we should be relative paupers in that company. I agree that it's all about budget, but I don't see how that works as much of an excuse in our current surroundings.
  2. Not quite. There was actually a goalkeeper between the posts for the Balde one.
  3. Yes, totally. In this context, the notion of 'ambition' should be thoroughly discredited. Still we get treated to it though.
  4. Ach, I'd toyed with heading through for this myself, but decided against it on the admirable premise that I couldn't really be arsed. Wish I'd gone now. It sounds really memorable.
  5. I would board that bus. Not sure if an open top would be appropriate though.
  6. Great news this. So pleased for the club and those that care. A proper football town like Stranraer should have a proper football club. The challenge is to get the football fans to identify with the local team instead of others nowhere near. It's the same challenge we all face. Breathe easy for now though. Relax. I Delighted for you.
  7. All the best today. Hope you get a good crowd in and the team rises to the occasion.
  8. Enjoying the weather fine thanks. No plans to take my tiny mind to the capital of sectarianism though.
  9. You can't help feeling Thistle will lose after that miss. They might win though. I'm sticking my neck out.
  10. It's funny, that you guys don't think it's funny, that you mark modern titles with tunes from an era when such things were genuinely contested and meaningful.
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