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  1. All for a one-off £3.4m lump sum. How many magic beans can be bought with that? That amount of money shouldn’t be sniffed at, but getting a passive income instead would be a much better outcome for a club making annual losses.
  2. You’re probably best to call the ground, because other disabled parking is a 10 min walk without mobility issues.
  3. Stay away from the stadium. There is plenty free parking throughout the town, all of which is no more than a 10 min walk from the ground. ETA: There's usually reserved parking at the stadium, but for a match on Sky there will be less space and, if you get a space, you will be stuck in a bottleneck for ages.
  4. I think both teams will have lots of punches to roll. Can’t wait to see how it plays out.
  5. Pray for those of us on the Vodafone network from inside the ground, trying to get an update on the score elsewhere.
  6. I’m one of those Ross County supporters who prefers to see Caley lose than County win. So this weekend has turned out well already Have fun in the seasides.
  7. It was made all the more memorable because we had a wee bit of lambing snow come down at that moment.
  8. Dhanda had a groin injury which he was rested for in late Feb/early March. I'm guessing it's never gone away, so Cowie and Dhanda are managing it as good as they can. ETA: No explanation for the Murray sub.
  9. Imagine Tam but without the polish. Reds TV not in the same league.
  10. Saints TV commentary starting to get a bit like classic Falkirk TV. Really brightening up the spectacle!
  11. He was in Dingwall watching the County v Hibs game last weekend. No Malky on the list?
  12. County have been putting away fans into the North East section, if the away numbers are unlikely to exceed that allocation. If you bring up some chasni pies I'll protest with you.
  13. Then, the fourth official and ref summoned (who I presume was) the match delegate from the tunnel area for a word. That’s not something I’ve seen in years.
  14. County have won twice away from home all season. The first was in the League Cup vs Airdrie, the other was due to a VAR fluke at Killie, eight months ago. I'm not banking on a win in Perth to save the season.
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